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krystal kids

Krystal Kids VT was formed in the Winter of 2012 to further harness our interest in passing on our adult designs to kids. In our travels we have met an incredible amount of highly intuitive kids whose interest in crystals includes both a scientific and aesthetic appreciation. We also met just as many moms and daughters who love the opportunity to have matching jewelry and charms to wear at the same time, not just waiting for a hand-me-down!

Our first collection was originally designed for Zulily and includes a choice of a hand selected Rose Quartz or Amethyst tumble stone from Brazil that is hand wire wrapped in Sterling Silver. These also contain a clasp which creates a versatile charm that can be used as a “first necklace” with the addition of a chain, easily clipped on to a diaper bag, backpack or computer bag or used as a keychain or charm on a bracelet.

Stay tuned to this section and the Krystal Kids Shop for regular updates!